Sold Out With A Kiss

Sold Out With A Kiss is indeed a great novel. It displays the sufficiency of God's grace and provisional care.
Yves and Ester were quite the ideal couple. Yves was tall, brown, and handsome. Most women only dream of such a man to be by their side. Ester was a charming, sweet, sophisticated, and beautiful young lady who knew how to catch her man and keep him; at least, she thought.
Yves and Ester overwent marriage counseling before they got married.
Faye Esther, Ester's grandmother, was their counselor. She was a praying woman, gifted by God, and a wise soul indeed. She routinely reminded Yves and Ester that there was no such thing as a perfect marriage. Eventually, "Ups and downs" will invade the marriage, but the married couple must learn how to cope with both for the union to survive. Yves and Ester disagree with Faye Esther because they feel the love they have for each other is untouchable, and the only thing that could change that is death. Yves and Ester know death is the worst nightmare of a happy family. Will love conquer, or will this family's legacy be destroyed?
Written by Patrick Pierre, Senior Pastor of Union Missionary Baptist Church in Society Hill, SoutCarolina.